Friday, April 6, 2018

Carl Linnaeus Tribute and Healing Garden

Helenium autumnale (Common Sneezeweed)

Mespilus germanica (Medlar) These photos were taken in June 2016.

The Carl Linnaeus Tribute and Healing Garden can be found on the grounds of Swedish Medical Center First Hill Campus at the corner of Broadway Avenue & Cherry Street in Seattle.  This is particularly appropriate because Carl Linnaeus was Swedish.  Here there are a fairly wide number of plants, some of medicinal value, each listed by their common names & the botanical Latin names that Linnaeus gave them during his lifetime (1707-78). Linnaeus published Species Plantarum, the work that was the starting point of modern botanical nomenclature, in 1753.  The garden is small & pleasant, certainly worth a visit, if you are on First Hill, or at nearby Seattle University.  Swedish Medical Center has also created a vivid tropical garden here at the entrance to its campus on Broadway.  The Seattle Public Utilities Green Gardening Program has used these gardens as a case study for Transitioning to Sustainable Landscape Practices.