Sunday, July 11, 2010

Georgetown Garden Walk

Georgetown Garden Walk July 2010
Georgetown Garden Walk July 2010

Georgetown Garden Walk July 2010

Georgetown Garden Walk July 2010

Georgetown P-Patch, Hat n Boots, Oxbow Park July 2010

Georgetown Architecture July 2010

Today I went on the Georgetown Garden Walk with my sister.  I've done the garden walk several times before.  I must say that the gardens have improved in the past few years.  Georgetown is a quirky Seattle neighborhood, isolated from other residential areas by Interstate 5, Boeing Field & the Duwamish Industrial Area (SoDo).  It's quite a mix of charm & seediness, with its own business district along Airport Way S.  The houses range from Victorian to contemporary, handsome to derelict.  Oxbow Park is the site of the Georgetown P-Patch & the locally famous Hat n Boots, now fully restored.  Georgetown feels like another world.  The Georgetown Garden Walk is an annual event that happens on the 2nd Sunday in July.


Karen said...

Another one I missed but am happy to see in your lovely photos. Hat & Boots! Did they move it to that park? Cool! We have explored that 'hood a bit in the past years, I really like it but as you say, it's such a mix. Nice to see some greenery down there - probably helps to beat back the fumes from the industrial stuff.

Jordan Jackson said...

They moved them from elsewhere in Georgetown. For several years they were just metal frames. It was really startling to see them finished with such vivid colors.