Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Discovery Park

Discovery Park June 2010 West Point Lighthouse

Discovery Park June 2010  Erigeron speciosus

Discovery Park June 2010 Lighthouse Cottage

 Discovery Park June 2010 Rubus spectabilis

Discovery Park June 2010 North Beach

Discovery Park June 2010 South Beach

Discovery Park June 2010 Puget Sound  

Discovery Park is the largest park in Seattle.  It sprawls over the northwestern portion of Magnolia Bluff where it spills down to West Point on Puget Sound with the Discovery Park Lighthouse at its tip.  I went walking there with a friend on a calm, sunny day in late June 2010.  We parked in the north parking lot, walked to the trail that leads down the bluff to the north beach.  The tide was too high to walk on the beach, so we walked on the path above the beach, lined with native flowers & fruits, to the lighthouse.  Twin tugboats crossed the sound beside us.  On the south beach, we found many people.  We walked up the forested Hidden Valley Trail, across a grassy meadow, back to the car.  It was a lovely & varied expedition.  I highly recommend a visit to Discovery Park.


Alice Joyce said...

Hi Jordan
Left a message ...or two on Blotanical.
Great to see much more detail about Discovery Park than I recalled.
Will you be my guide if/when I come up for a visit;~D

Karen said...

This might be my favorite park in Seattle. I didn't even know about it, growing up one city over. We rarely make it all the way down to the beach anymore but the upper meadow/bluffs are always so glorious. Best views in town! Lucky person who gets to hang out in that lighthouse cottage. Do you think someone lives there?

Jordan Jackson said...

There were 2 cottages. Nobody appeared to be living in either of them. But they didn't seem very long abandoned. I hope people get the opportunity to live in them again. It's a beautiful setting.