Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Carkeek Park

Carkeek Park June 2010

Carkeek Park June 2010: Piper's Creek

 Carkeek Park June 2010: Piper's Orchard

Carkeek Park June 2010: Physocarpus capitatus

Carkeek Park June 2010

Carkeek Park June 2010

 Carkeek Park June 2010: Puget Sound, Olympic Mountains

On a Sunny day in mid-June I went to Carkeek Park. From the Eddie McAbee Entrance on NW 100th Place near 8th Avenue NW,  I walked with a friend down through the ravine along Piper's Creek, past the old Piper's Orchard, through the wetlands, across the metal pedestrian bridge over the train tracks, down to the beach.  It was sunny, windy & cool.  The Olympic Mountains were white & jagged across Puget Sound.  We walked on the pebbly beach, then returned by the same route.  It was a delightfully varied experience.


Alison said...

Such a beautiful park! I have to confess, I lived near it for a whole year in a rental house and never visited. Now I wish I had.

Thanks for publishing your lovely photos. Maybe I'll get a chance to come back.

Karen said...

Like Alison, it took me a long time to find this place, but now I go as often as I can considering I live across town. It's magical! That's a great trail, the one you came in on. There are also some nice ones up behind the playground, and in the fall it's amazing to witness the salmon struggling slowly up the creek. That orchard is incredible, too. What did you think of all the wacky sculpture installations?

Jordan Jackson said...

Either I missed the sculpture, or it was so wacky that I deleted it from my memory.