Friday, April 13, 2012

March Garden Pictures

Ribes sanguineum March 2012

Hepatica americana March 2012

Pulmonaria longifolia 'Bertram Anderson' March 2012

Hacquettia epipactis  March 2012

Helleborus lividus March 2012

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March 2012 was colder & much wetter than normal.  The mean temperature was 43.1F/6.2C.  The normal mean temperature is 46.5F/8.1C.  The highest temperature was 60F/15.6C, the lowest 29F/-1.7C.  Total precipitation was 7.2 inches.  Normal precipitation is 3.72 inches.  There was 0.9 inch of snow.  There was 1 day with heavy rain, 9 days with rain, 24 days with light rain, 1 day with heavy snow, 2 days with snow, 4 days with light snow, 1 day with sleet, 19 days with fog, 23 cloudy days, 7 partly cloudy days & 1 fair day.


spurge said...

What a beautiful, color-drenched March you had! I especially like that Hacquettia - I had never seen that plant before but it is lovely.

john petter said...

It seems to be very beautiful.
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Gabriel Rochard said...

Loving your Pulmonaria ! Gabriel

Alistair said...

Great plants for March Jordan. Like Spurge I was very taken with the Hacquettia. We came across it the other day and thought it may look good in the woodland.

Trevor said...

Those are gorgeous, especially the Hacquettia. Spring in the Pacific Northwest is so breathtakingly beautiful, and offers such a wide range of amazing colors. I live in Oregon, and right now is a great time to be here.