Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Volunteer Park Trees

Sequoiadendron giganteum in Volunteer Park April 2010

Acer macrophyllum in Volunteer Park April 2010

 Arbutus menziesii in Volunteer Park April 2010

Cercidiphyllum japonicum in Volunteer Park April 2010

Cedrus atlantica in Volunteer Park April 2010

I think Volunteer Park is the greatest park in Seattle.  Not only is the park beautiful, but it has a number of first-rate attractions including the Volunteer Park Conservatory, the Seattle Asian Art Museum, Isamu Noguchi's Black Sun & the panoramic views from the Water Tower.  In addition, there are some very big & beautiful trees, some of the biggest trees in Seattle.  You can probably find bigger specimens in other parts of the city.  But in Volunteer Park they are gathered together in a beautiful setting.  The park is easily reached from Downtown Seattle by the 10 Capitol Hill bus, which stops at the park.


Alice Joyce said...

I love Volunteer Park. It's been a long time since I visited so thanks for the virtual opportunity to drop by,

Karen said...

Yes, it is the best park (for grown-ups). I don't get over there nearly enough. Thanks for the tour of trees, those are not ones that I have particularly noticed before. I love to go up the water tower to watch the sunset.

So, cameras... Canon S90, not cheap but I think it has been worth the $$ for close-ups. Not so happy with some other aspects of it but it's probably my fault for not reading the manual. Definitely test it out before you buy, there are some annoying aspects (flash pops up right where you might already have your finger, and then it freaks out - so I just leave the flash off permanently unless I really need it), on-off button is really tiny and recessed, so might be harder for bigger fingers than mine. Manual focus was an attractive feature but so far I haven't found it's an improvement on the Auto. So, caveats aside, I do like the close range possibilities and I never ever mess with colors or any other aspect so what you see on my blog is what came out of the machine. It's middle ground between a standard point/shoot and an SLR, but there are cheap SLR's at almost that low a price. For me, I wanted something small but powerful, and I think it fits the bill. Hope that helps!

Autumn Belle said...

This is a beautiful park and the trees are awesome.

Karen said...

PS I will tell you about the PA event next time I see you. :) It was full of character, for sure!