Thursday, April 8, 2010

Paeonia suffruticosa 'Zi Er Giao'

Paeonia suffruticosa 'Zi Er Giao' April 2010

Paeonia suffruticosa 'Zi Er Jiao' April 2010

Paeonia suffruticosa 'Zi Er Qiao' April 2010

I know I'm showing off a bit, but I have the most beautiful plant in my garden.  I feel compelled to share the pictures.  It's Paeonia suffruticosa 'Zi Er Giao.'  The plant was imported from China, the name transliterated from Chinese.  The spelling for English speakers varies.  I've seen it spelled 'Zi Er Jiao' & 'Zi Er Qiao.'  The name means 'Purple Two Sisters.'  Two Sisters is a famous Chinese opera & also a bi-color Chinese Tree Peony that was the parent of this plant.  (Or so I've been told.)  If you search images you will be directed only to this blog, this one plant.  I bought it at the Holly Park Greenhouse & Nursery in 2004.  You may find it there now.  'Zi Er Giao' has grown more slowly than the other Tree Peonies in my garden.  That has been a good thing, because it is the only one that has not needed to be staked.  It is also the most beautiful.


Karen said...

It is one of the most beautiful plants of any type that I have been fortunate to see in person. And no, this is not me angling for a piece of it! :)

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

It's beautiful! I would be posting pictures of it everyday if it was in my garden.