Friday, May 6, 2016

Cowiche Canyon

Cowiche Creek

Cowiche Canyon in April 2015

Click here for more photos of Cowiche Canyon.

Cowiche Canyon is located in Yakima WA.  It is quite a stunning & an easy walk.  Even though the surrounding area is heavily developed in housing & orchards, it looks perfectly natural.  The canyon encloses the view to conceal everything but the native plants, the landscape & the wide, level path with 9 sturdy bridges over Cowiche Creek.  (In case you wonder, Cowiche is pronounced: cow-itchy.)  This trail was once a railroad bed.  It runs slightly more than 3 miles long & connects to 4 other trails.  The Cowiche Canyon Conservancy is the owner & caretaker of the trail. It's mission is to preserve & restore shrub-steppe & riparian terrain within the Cowiche Creek & Naches River watershed areas in the Yakima Valley. It own 2,000 acres & has a conservation easement on another 3,000 acres of land.

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