Friday, November 21, 2014

Bradner Gardens P-Patch plot B15A

My old plot B29B, as I left it in October 2014.

The 4 photos above are of my new plot B15A in October 2014.

I stopped gardening plot B29B at Bradner Gardens Park in October 2014, when I moved most of the perennials to plot B15A & the Ornamental Border at Bradner Gardens Park.  I spent the season gardening both plots.  B15A was vacant & there were no new gardeners to take B29B.  B15A is considerably larger & sunnier.  I had great crops of bush beans, carrots & chard after amending the soil with Cedar Grove compost & composted steer manure.  I transplanted strawberries from another vacated plot in the spring.  They spread modestly.  I had planted 4 blueberry bushes at B29B in the spring of 2014, before I decided to move to B29A.  I transplanted them in October.

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