Friday, June 13, 2014

May in Seattle

Kniphofia (Torch Lily) & Iris sibirica (Siberian Iris)


Weigela florida

Rubus parviflorus (Thimbleberry) This beautiful native plant with edible fruits deserves greater use in residential landscapes.

All photos were taken in the Montlake neighborhood in May 2014.

Click here for more pictures of May in Seattle.

May 2014 in Seattle was significantly warmer & wetter than normal.  The mean temperature was 59.1F/15.06C.  The normal mean temperature is 56F/13.33C.  Total precipitation was 3.15 inches/80.01mm.  Normal precipitation is 1.94 inches/49.28mm.  The highest temperature was 85F/29.44C on 5/1, the lowest was 45F/7.22C on 5/7, 5/9 & 5/10.  Maximum daily temperatures were 60F/15.56C or more on every day of the month, 70F/21.1C or more on 9 days & 80F/26.67C or more on 4 days.  Temperatures in general were much more like June, than May.  There were 3 days with heavy rain, 4 days with rain, 11 days with light rain, 7 days with fog, 11 cloudy days, 16 partly cloudy days & 4 fair days.  Most of the rain fell at the beginning of the month.  There was only 0.37 inches/9.4mm after 5/10, while 2.14 inches/54.36mm fell from 5/3 through 5/5.


Patty said...

Wow, that first photo of Kniphofia & Iris sibirica is eye popping. I have considered the Thimbleberry for my garden but is Washington it looks like it has monster -like proportions!

Jordan Jackson said...

Thimbleberry spreads widely by underground rhizomes. This was a good location for it, bounded by sidewalks, stairs & a concrete retaining wall. You can take a shovel & cut off the rhizomes before they have a chance to spread too far. It's excellent under trees in a thicket.

James said...

Kniphofia and Iris sibirica, what a beautiful combination. I would like to copy that in my garden, but unfortunately I don´t think I have the right sort of conditions to grow Iris sibirica.
Thank you for sharing!

Jordan Jackson said...

Iris sibirica will grow in almost any conditions, except shade, in USDA zones 5-9.

James said...

Thank you. I thought they needed a moist soil, and rich in organic matter. I have read that somewhere..and that's why I have always put Iris sibirica aside... I have to give it a try!