Friday, May 16, 2014

Tukwila International Boulevard Station

From the level of the tracks, you can see the foothills of the Cascade Mountains.

Tukwila International Boulevard Station in May 2014

Tukwila International Boulevard Station is a bold element in the suburban landscape in the City of Tukwila.  I think it's the most dramatic & interesting station along Seattle's single light rail line from Downtown Seattle to the Seattle Tacoma International Airport in  the City of SeaTac.  It is one of 3 elevated stations & the only station with a parking lot.  Designed by architect David Hewitt of Seattle, the station opened in July 2009 & was the southern terminus until December 2009, when the SeaTac/Airport Station opened.  The angle of the roof is meant to suggest airplanes, liftoff, the idea of elevation, the slope & wings of airplanes.  The control tower of the Seattle Tacoma International Airport is visible from the station, across State Route 518 leading to the airport.  There are also views of Mt Baker to the north & the Cascade Mountains to the east.  A small business district along Tukwila International Boulevard is near the station.  The City of Tukwila is a pleasant, racially &ethnically diverse, middle-income suburb of 19,000 people in 10 square miles, bordering the southern city limits of the City of Seattle.

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