Friday, April 11, 2014

March in Seattle

Chaenomeles (Quince) in Columbia City

 Hyacinthus (Hyacinth) in Rainier Vista

Narcissus 'Beersheba' (Daffodil) in Rainier Vista

 Ranunculus (Buttercup) in Columbia City

Ribes sanguineum (Flowering Currant) in Columbia City

Click here for more photos of March in Seattle.

March 2014 in Seattle was warmer & very much rainier than normal.  In fact, a record was set for rainfall in March at 9.44 inches/239.78mm.  The previous record had stood at 8.40 inches/213.36mm since 1950.  Normal rainfall is 3.72 inches/94.49mm.  The mean temperature was 48.5F/9.17C.  The normal mean temperature is 46.5F/8.06C.  The highest temperature was 66F/18.89C on 3/24, the lowest was 34F/1.11C on 3/22.  15 days had highs over 55F/12.78C.  There were 2 days with heavy rain, 10 days with rain, 21 days with light rain, a trace of snow on 3/1, 20 days with fog, 16 cloudy days, 14 partly cloudy days & 1 fair day.  In spite of all the rain, there were periods with sun & 16 days with very little or no rain.  

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