Friday, August 9, 2013

July in Seattle

Lavandula angustifolia (English Lavender) in Columbia City. July 2013

Downtown Seattle. July 2013

Capitol Hill with Queen Anne Hill in the distance. July 2013

Cal Anderson Park on Capitol Hill. This park covers a reservoir near Broadway Avenue E & E Pike Street, the two largest commercial centers on the hill. The crane & red wall mark the construction site of the Capitol Hill Station for light rail trains.  The water feature illustrates the flow of the municipal water supply from the Cascade Mountains to the city.  July 2013

Lilium martagon at Seattle University. This Jesuit university is a beautifully landscaped space on the east slope of 1st Hill. July 2013

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July 2013 in Seattle was warmer & drier than normal.  The mean temperature was 68.1F/20.1C.  The normal mean temperature is 65.7F/18.7C.  There was no measurable rain.  Normal precipitation is 0.7 inches/17.8 mm.  The highest temperature was 89F/31.7C, the lowest 52F/11.1C.  There were 2 days with light rain, 15 days with fog, 2 cloudy days, 16 partly cloudy days & 13 fair days.  The days were mostly warm or hot, sometimes with morning fog.  There were 23 days at 75F/23.9C or above, 7 days at 85F/29.4C or above.  July is typically warm & dry in Seattle.


Alistair said...

Great pictures Jordan. July in Seattle is looking good with the gorgeous blue skys.

Jordan Jackson said...

Thank you Alistair. I hope everything is lovely in Aberdeen this summer.