Friday, July 26, 2013

Summit Slope Park & Unpaving Paradise P-Patch

Summit Slope Park July 2012

Unpaving Paradise P-Patch July 2012

Unpaving Paradise P-Patch July 2012

Unpaving Paradise P-Patch July 2012 with tool shed & alley behind

Unpaving Paradise P-Patch July 2012 with extra-long picnic table

Unpaving Paradise P-Patch is part of Summit Slope Park on the west slope of Capitol Hill in Seattle.  This is a very densely populated area.  The park & p-patch were created from a parking lot in 2010.  The design & execution were excellent.  This is among the nicest small parks in Seattle.  When I first saw the site, it seemed odd to me to have a p-patch in an area with so much pedestrian & vehicular traffic.  I thought vandalism would be rampant.  But I haven't seen any obvious injury to the space & now I really love it.  The largest part of the park is p-patch.  There are also 2 small pieces of lawn, some basic landscaping, areas of pavement including stairs, a tool shed, 1 barbecue grill & possibly the longest picnic table in Seattle.  There are 37 plots on land owned by the Seattle Department of Parks & Recreation.  The entire park covers 1/5th of an acre at the corner Summit Avenue E & E John Street, right next to the E Olive Way business district.  Click here to see more Seattle P-Patches.

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Farryn said...

There's something beautiful about gardens in the midst of large, brick buildings. It's inspiring for community to come together. We're currently working on implementing a neighborhood gardening in our historic little neighborhood. It's nice to see others doing the same.