Friday, June 10, 2011

Allium in the Cascadia Garden

Allium 'Globemaster' May 2009

Allium karataviense May 2010

Allium cernuum June 2009

Allium cristophii June 2010

 Allium unifolium June 2009

I love Allium in my garden in Seattle.  I got my 1st Allium bulbs in 1995 from John Scheepers, Inc.  They were Allium karataviense & Allium neapolitanum.  The Allium neapolitanum soon became a thick mass of foliage with no blooms.  Allium karativiense slowly spread through the garden, with & without my help.  It has beautiful foliage & pretty flowers.  Allium foliage tends to dry up as the flowers begin to open.  Next up was Allium christophii, which remains my favorite.  The flowers heads are huge, the color stunning.  Then came the impressive Allium 'Globemaster' with large, dense flower heads on tall stems.  Nectaroscordum siculum is an interesting Allium relative with large, nodding bells.  The other Allium I like, but don't love.  I can see that Allium cernuum would easily spread to every sunny inch of the garden.  Now I cut off the small flower heads before they set seed.  I've included the bloom times I've observed in my garden. Allium require no care & very little water.

List of Allium in the Cascadia Garden (with bloom times)
Allium aflatunense 5-08-10, 5-18-09, 5-18-08
Allium cernuum  6-12-09
Allium cristophii 5-16-10, 5-26-09, 5-25-08
Allium ‘Globemaster’ 5-04-10, 5-18-09, 5-18-08
Allium karataviense 5-01-10, 5-09-09, 5-10-08
Allium neapolitanum
Allium nigrum
Allium schubertii 5-22-10, 5-23-09, 5-25-08
Allium senescens 9-05-10, 9-12-08
Allium taquetii  7-02-08
Allium unifolium 5-27-10, 5-30-09, 5-25-08
Nectaroscordum siculum (formerly Allium bulgaricum) 5-07-10, 5-20-09, 5-22-08


Adiante said...

I didn't Know it was so many allium ! Flowers are graphic ...

Thomas said...

Allium may be the most photogenic plant on the planet . . . or maybe agave . . . hmmm

The Sproutling said...

Allium christophii are my favourite Alliums too, although A. schubertii is definitely a contender too. Lovely pics!