Friday, February 25, 2011

Why a Theme Garden?

Prairie Garden

Red & Yellow Garden

 Chinese Garden

Why a Theme Garden? You may wonder whether a garden really needs a theme.  It’s hard for me to believe that any garden doesn’t have a theme, though it may be as simple as: Plants People Gave Me.  Plants I Like is always a good theme.  But what if you’re not sure which plants you really like?  Or perhaps you like so many plants, that you don’t know where to begin.  This is where a designated theme simplifies your garden planning.  Now you can research plants that fit your theme.  Or you can choose among the plants you already know that suit your theme.  Choose a theme that works with your site.  If your site is moist & shaded, don’t choose a dryland theme, choose a theme of plants from woodland regions.  Color is often used as a theme.  Pink flowers is an easy theme, there are many of them.  Gray is a good theme for a dry, sunny site.  Many plants adapted to dry sun have gray foliage.  Gray & blue together can achieve a theme of tranquility.  Plants with large leaves suggest a tropical theme.  A theme may also be plants from a geographic region.  Pacific Northwest native plants is a popular theme in parks & public gardens in Seattle.  When you travel to Italy, you may return with the desire for a garden of Mediterranean plants, or a formal Italian garden.  There are many attempts at Japanese gardens in Seattle back yards.  Themes may also correspond to seasons, such as a theme of winter-blooming plants, or plants with colorful fall foliage.  Not every plant in your garden needs to be in step with the theme.  Use plants that complement your theme, as well.


Masha said...

These pictures are some beautiful examples of theme gardens. I enjoyed looking at them.

Alistair said...

Gardening has played a big part in my life, fortunately my wife has shared this interest with the same passion. It is interesting and fun to use themes.In our forty years of gardening we have covered so many, maybe not as expertly as would a man of your qualifications, but with great pleasure. The formal theme which you show, at one time I was not so fond of, now I love it. Ever changing is gardening.

Gabriel Rochard - architecte de jardins said...

Thank you very much Jordan for your visit and for having selected me in your favourite blogs. I am now following your blog as well, which I found very interesting.
Have a great Sunday.

Jordan Jackson said...

Thanks very much for the comments.

Marithé said...

Plants of dry land is the theme of my garden