Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sidewalk Gardens of Cascadia Ridge

Cascadia Av S Sidewalk Garden June 2010
This parking strip is devoted almost entirely to Lupinus.

Cascadia Av S Sidewalk Garden June 2010
Pavers were set down the center of the parking strip, surrounded with Leptinella squalida. The few shrubs came later, a very welcome addition.  Here is Spiraea japonica 'Goldmound.'

This very small park was developed in 2005 on vacant city land, where Cascadia Av S & Lakewood Av S meet S Ferris St.  It feels very much an extension of the sidewalk.  Here is Iris sibirica.
Cascadia Av S Sidewalk Garden June 2010
It's very nice when sidewalk gardens include both sides of the sidewalk.  This garden was completed in 2008.  Lavandula stoechas is a popular sidewalk plant.

Traffic Circle at 37th Av S & S Horton St June 2010
I have nothing but praise for people who garden in Seattle's many tiny traffic circles.  Some generous gardener planted this beautiful Campanula persicifolia.

37th Av S Sidewalk Garden June 2010
I would never put pots out on the sidewalk.  This is the work of a very trusting gardener.  Nice fence, don't you think?

38th Av S Sidewalk Garden June 2010
This garden includes the parking strip on Cascadia Ridge's main arterial, 38th Av S.

Cascadia Ridge is part of the Mount Baker Park neighborhood in the southeastern section of the City of Seattle.  Construction on the neighborhood was begun in 1907, with most houses built by 1930.  The sidewalks are old & cracked.  Sidewalk gardens are a recent addition.  Most have been planted within the past 15 years.


Karen said...

Yay for the sidewalk gardens and their intrepid keepers! They made smart choices with tough but lovely plants. I applaud them!

What happens when the lupines stop blooming? Is it just a mass of pointy foliage the rest of the year? Those plants can be monsters, as I am finding out belatedly now that my tiny 3 inch pot starts from last summer have turned into Leviathans...

Wonderful post!!

Jordan Jackson said...

There are a few other plants in that lupine garden. But it will probably look quite dead in July & August, not something I would post as an image. On my blog, everything is beautiful.