Friday, May 14, 2010

Asarum caudatum

Asarum caudatum new leaves & flower March 2010

Asarum caudatum old leaves January 2009

Asarum caudatum flower March 2010

Asarum caudatum (Wild Ginger) is a Washington native plant.  It is a small, slow-spreading groundcover for a shaded garden.  Asarum caudatum grows from British Columbia to central California, including Idaho & western Montana.  The leaves stay green through winter, becoming darker & more leathery.  In spring shiny, new, bright-green leaves appear with peculiar purple or red-brown flowers.  The flowers lie upon the ground, often hidden by the leaves.  Asarum caudatum does not need a great deal of water, but don't let it dry out completely in summer.

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