Sunday, August 24, 2008

Eucomis Circle (Cascadia Garden)

 Eucomis Circle August 2008

 Eucomis comosa October 2009

The stone circle was laid with the Rock Garden in 1994. Armeria maritima (Thrift) grew well there for 13 years. I envisioned a new design after I became excited about Eucomis (Pineapple Lily) in 2006. I planted in March of 2007. The circle is 3 feet across. It contains 21 Eucomis bulbs. Taller E comosa & bicolor  fill the north half, shorter E autumnalis & E zambesiaca fill the south. Flower color ranges from white through pink to dark red. ‘Oakhurst’ has dark red foliage.  Update summer 2010: E autumnalis & E zambesiaca died out, probably due to winter temperatures too low for them to tolerate.  E bicolor & E 'Oakhurst' persist, but have never bloomed.

Eucomis Circle Plant List

 Original plan February 2007

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