Friday, April 4, 2014

Why I Write

This blog is now beginning its 7th year.  I published my first post on April 26, 2008.  I hoped the blog would help to expand my garden design business (Metropolitan Gardens).  Business did increase, mostly due to the housing boom.  The Metropolitan Gardens blog became my portfolio.  Now I write mostly because it's fun.  I often walk along city streets & in parks & gardens.  I enjoy taking pictures, editing & posting them.  I've learned a lot about Seattle from this observation & the research I've done to write the posts.

I stopped photographing & writing about the Cascadia Garden in November of 2012, because nothing changed much from year to year.  I started taking pictures of the urban landscape I saw while walking city sidewalks, then posting them monthly in place of my garden photos.  I finished a year of that in October of 2013 & decided to continue.  My house & the Cascadia Garden were sold in March of 2013.  I moved to an apartment near Othello Station in April.  I took photos of the neighborhoods, parks & gardens near my new, temporary home.  I also started gardening in a community garden, Bradner Gardens Park P-Patch in my former, not very distant, neighborhood of Mt Baker.

I moved to a new house & garden in Rainier Vista in November of 2013.  I intend to stay there as long as possible.  Construction of the house was completed in October 2013.  The garden was just dirt, except for a large ash tree in front of the house, near the sidewalk.  Rainier Vista is a planned community of market rate & low-income housing.  I was required to submit a landscape plan that met restrictive guidelines.   I made the Ell Alley Garden in November & published the first post about it in December 2013.

As far as the Metropolitan Gardens blog is concerned, the most significant thing I did in the past 12 months was to let go of the old web address & default to the blogger address.  I also changed the name of the blog, which appears in the header, to Seattle Urban Landscape.  I reworked the pages that appear under the header to make it easier to find older posts on Gardening in Cascadia, Parks P-Patches Public Gardens, Nature, Favorite Plants & My Gardens.  I hope the blog is easy to use as a source of information & entertainment.

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