Friday, May 3, 2013

Why I Write

This blog has now entered its 6th year.  I started with Why I Write on April 26, 2008.  This is the 4th version.  During the first 3 years I wrote of what I knew about gardening & about my own garden, which was my greatest teacher.  But then I ran out of things to say.  I haven't written anything about the Cascadia Garden in the past 2 years.  That is just as well, because my garden, like all good things, came to an end when I left it behind in April 2013.  I had already moved on to the world beyond my garden.  In November 2012, I stopped taking pictures of my garden & began taking photos throughout the City of Seattle.  I call this the urban landscape.  

My posts are now about the urban landscape, parks, public gardens, natural areas & the plants found in them.  I photograph & write about half of them at least a year in advance.  The urban landscape pictures & monthly Seattle climate data are contemporary.  The past 12 months featured posts on Seattle parks I photographed in the spring of 2011, trees & shrubs I photographed in the Washington Park Arboretum in the fall of 2011, & public gardens I visited in Portugal & Galiza in March of 2012.

Most traffic to this blog comes from people who are searching the web for information they hope to find here.  There were about 16,000 visitors during the past year.  The average visit lasted 83 seconds.  84% of them were new visitors.  61% came from the US & Canada.  They seldom left comments.  Fellow garden bloggers: You & your comments are very welcome here.

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Mara Paz said...

Hello. I found your blog only this week and will be back to explore. I'm specially interested in your posts on Portuguese gardens.

Jordan Jackson said...

Thanks for your comment on the Metropolitan Gardens blog. To see posts about Portuguese gardens, seek Portugal among the labels in the Index of Articles, or type Portugal in the search box.