Friday, January 14, 2011

Why I Write

I began this blog with the post, Why I Write in April 2008.  During the 3 years since, my motives have changed.  I shared much of my knowledge of gardening & garden design during 2008 & 2009.  Unsure what more to write, I began to explore parks & nature in the Seattle area.  I enjoyed it.  I learned new things.  I found old photos from Oregon, California & England.  What I saw & learned in these places gave me new ideas for garden designs.  Above all, I loved the comments, which encouraged & sustained me along the way.  This is why I write.

Jordan Jackson
Metropolitan Gardens
Gardening in Cascadia 

The comments:
Thomas Rainer, grounded design: I just came across your site recently, and wanted to say how much I enjoyed it. High quality design, good writing, interesting topics, and luscious photos. There are a lot of garden blogs out there, but yours is one of the few of quality.

Bloom Times
Michael B. Gordon, The Gardener’s Eye: I always look forward to your end of the month lists. They are a great reference. Thanks for compiling them.

The Brian O Mulligan Sorbus Collection
Jennifer Youngman, Watershed Experiences: I love the vibrant images, and your great narrative. Thank you for posting! I linked to this on UW Botanic Gardens page on Facebook. 

Frenchman Coulee 
Thomas Rainer, grounded design: If those landscapes don't inspire planting design, I'm not sure what would. I LOVE that you spend so much time exploring native landscapes. We have so much to learn.

Japanese Garden at the Washington Park Aboretum
Sprouts, Shoots & Sunshine: Oh wow, this garden (and your photos) is absolutely breathtaking!

Armeria maritima 
Susan in the Pink Hat: This plant has been on my want list for a while. Thanks for showing us it's natural habitat. So stunning, those sea cliffs.

Yao Japanese Garden at the Bellevue Botanical Garden
allanbecker.gardenguru: Thanks for sharing the exceptional photographs. It's hard to believe that such beauty actually exists in North America. Our mainstream media has been failing us by not showcasing gardens such as these.

How to Design a Thicket
Alison Guinn: Nice. I've been wanting to start some thickets in my yard, both for wildlife factor and for privacy/covering my chainlink fence. Great post, you make it seem so easy.


Michael B. Gordon said...

Looking forward to seeing what you post in 2011. Keep on writing!

Karen said...

Yes, the comments and exchanges, not to mention meeting fellow bloggers in real life, have also been my most unexpected and wonderful reward for the time spent on this endeavor. Thank you for all of your wonderful posts and for being willing to be part of the SAGBUTT crew, such as it is!

fer said...

I just discovered your blog! I am new to the gardening blog world, and have found fascinating how you get to learn a lot and get to know a lot people and exchange so much with them

Ramona said...

Beautiful photos on your site Jordan! Keep writing and sharing.

Alice Joyce said...

I'm very glad that you do!
It's been great to connect with you in cyberspace: I always enjoy your perspective, and opportunities to muse over your thoughts and opinions in comments.
I believe we share a passion... perhaps more than one!
Gardens & gardening / travel / writing / and....

Jordan Jackson said...

Thanks to everyone for the excellent comments. I appreciate them very much.